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Lesson 258

Let me remember that my goal is God.

1. All that is needful is to train our minds to overlook all little senseless aims, and to remember that our goal is God. ²His memory is hidden in our minds, obscured but by our pointless little goals which offer nothing, and do not exist. ³Shall we continue to allow God’s grace to shine in unawareness, while the toys and trinkets of the world are sought instead? ⁴God is our only goal, our only Love. ⁵We have no aim but to remember Him.

2. Our goal is but to follow in the way that leads to You. ²We have no goal but this. ³What could we want but to remember You? ⁴What could we seek but our Identity?

(ACIM, W-258.1:1–2:4)

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