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About Me:  


Sandra was born in Neustadt, Germany and lived there until she followed her Inner Guidance to move to live in Spain at the age of 27 years. Still living in Germany; as a teenage and by the time she became “the confirmation” she was asking herself; what differences are between the apparent different religions? What is it really all about? During the time she got prepared for “the confirmation” she had some dreams which repeated them self over and over again. This appeared to be the beginning of her spiritual journey.  

She moved to Spain to find herself, to find a way to live in Peace. She never imagined, that she would really find her True Self and found a Way to live life in Peace from within. From 11 September 2001 onwards, another series of events followed. During this time she read and studied around 12 years immersed all kind of religions and spiritual paths, until in 2013 the Non Dual Teachings of   “A Course in Miracles” came into her life and since then started to Experience Real Peace. 

Natural Therapies and Psycho Therapy are also part of her studies as a result of interest on living a peaceful live. She dedicates her life to share “The Teachings”. She loves listening to music, to travel and enjoys meeting people from all over the world and different cultures.     


Sandra Schaaf