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Lesson 341

I can attack but my own sinlessness, and it is only that which keeps me safe.

1. Father, Your Son is holy. ²I am he on whom You smile in love and tenderness so dear and deep and still the universe smiles back on You, and shares Your Holiness. ³How pure, how safe, how holy, then, are we, abiding in Your Smile, with all Your Love bestowed upon us, living one with You, in brotherhood and Fatherhood complete; in sinlessness so perfect that the Lord of Sinlessness conceives us as His Son, a universe of Thought completing Him.

2. Let us not, then, attack our sinlessness, for it contains the Word of God to us. ²And in its kind reflection we are saved.

(ACIM, W-341.1:1–2:2)

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