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Lesson 337

My sinlessness protects me from all harm.

1. My sinlessness ensures me perfect peace, eternal safety, everlasting love, freedom forever from all thought of loss; complete deliverance from suffering. ²And only happiness can be my state, for only happiness is given me. ³What must I do to know all this is mine? ⁴I must accept Atonement for myself, and nothing more. ⁵God has already done all things that need be done. ⁶And I must learn I need do nothing of myself, for I need but accept my Self, my sinlessness, created for me, now already mine, to feel God’s Love protecting me from harm, to understand my Father loves His Son; to know I am the Son my Father loves.

2. You Who created me in sinlessness are not mistaken about what I am. ²I was mistaken when I thought I sinned, but I accept Atonement for myself. ³Father, my dream is ended now. ⁴Amen.

(ACIM, W-337.1:1–2:4)

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