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Lesson 312

I see all things as I would have them be.

1. Perception follows judgment. ²Having judged, we therefore see what we would look upon. ³For sight can merely serve to offer us what we would have. ⁴It is impossible to overlook what we would see, and fail to see what we have chosen to behold. ⁵How surely, therefore, must the real world come to greet the holy sight of anyone who takes the Holy Spirit’s purpose as his goal for seeing. ⁶And he cannot fail to look upon what Christ would have him see, and share Christ’s Love for what he looks upon.

2. I have no purpose for today except to look upon a liberated world, set free from all the judgments I have made. ²Father, this is Your Will for me today, and therefore it must be my goal as well.

(ACIM, W-312.1:1–2:2)

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