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Lesson 311

I judge all things as I would have them be.

1. Judgment was made to be a weapon used against the truth. ²It separates what it is being used against, and sets it off as if it were a thing apart. ³And then it makes of it what you would have it be. ⁴It judges what it cannot understand, because it cannot see totality and therefore judges falsely. ⁵Let us not use it today, but make a gift of it to Him Who has a different use for it. ⁶He will relieve us of the agony of all the judgments we have made against ourselves, and re-establish peace of mind by giving us God’s Judgment of His Son.

2. Father, we wait with open mind today, to hear Your Judgment of the Son You love. ²We do not know him, and we cannot judge. ³And so we let Your Love decide what he whom You created as Your Son must be.

(ACIM, W-311.1:1–2:3)

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