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Lesson 299

Eternal holiness abides in me.

1. My holiness is far beyond my own ability to understand or know. ²Yet God, my Father, Who created it, acknowledges my holiness as His. ³Our Will, together, understands it. ⁴And Our Will, together, knows that it is so.

2. Father, my holiness is not of me. ²It is not mine to be destroyed by sin. ³It is not mine to suffer from attack. ⁴Illusions can obscure it, but can not put out its radiance, nor dim its light. ⁵It stands forever perfect and untouched. ⁶In it are all things healed, for they remain as You created them. ⁷And I can know my holiness. ⁸For Holiness Itself created me, and I can know my Source because it is Your Will that You be known.

(ACIM, W-299.1:1–2:8)

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