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Today we will review these ideas:

1. (75) The light has come.

²In choosing salvation rather than attack, I merely choose to recognize what is already there. ³Salvation is a decision made already. ⁴Attack and grievances are not there to choose. ⁵That is why I always choose between truth and illusion; between what is there and what is not. ⁶The light has come. ⁷I can but choose the light, for it has no alternative. ⁸It has replaced the darkness, and the darkness has gone.

2. These would prove useful forms for specific applications of this idea:

²This cannot show me darkness, for the light has come.
³The light in you is all that I would see, [name].
⁴I would see in this only what is there.

3. (76) I am under no laws but God’s.

²Here is the perfect statement of my freedom. ³I am under no laws but God’s. ⁴I am constantly tempted to make up other laws and give them power over me. ⁵I suffer only because of my belief in them. ⁶They have no real effect on me at all. ⁷I am perfectly free of the effects of all laws save God’s. ⁸And His are the laws of freedom.

4. For specific forms in applying this idea, these would be useful:

²My perception of this shows me I believe in laws that do not exist.
³I see only the laws of God at work in this.
⁴Let me allow God’s laws to work in this, and not my own.

(ACIM, W-88.1:1–4:4)

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