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Lesson 75

The light has come.

1. The light has come. ²You are healed and you can heal. ³The light has come. ⁴You are saved and you can save. ⁵You are at peace, and you bring peace with you wherever you go. ⁶Darkness and turmoil and death have disappeared. ⁷The light has come.

2. Today we celebrate the happy ending to your long dream of disaster. ²There are no dark dreams now. ³The light has come. ⁴Today the time of light begins for you and everyone. ⁵It is a new era, in which a new world is born. ⁶The old one has left no trace upon it in its passing. ⁷Today we see a different world, because the light has come.

3. Our exercises for today will be happy ones, in which we offer thanks for the passing of the old and the beginning of the new. ²No shadows from the past remain to darken our sight and hide the world forgiveness offers us. ³Today we will accept the new world as what we want to see. ⁴We will be given what we desire. ⁵We will to see the light; the light has come.

4. Our longer practice periods will be devoted to looking at the world that our forgiveness shows us. ²This is what we want to see, and only this. ³Our single purpose makes our goal inevitable. ⁴Today the real world rises before us in gladness, to be seen at last. ⁵Sight is given us, now that the light has come.

5. We do not want to see the ego’s shadow on the world today. ²We see the light, and in it we see Heaven’s reflection lie across the world. ³Begin the longer practice periods by telling yourself the glad tidings of your release:

⁴The light has come. ⁵I have forgiven the world.

6. Dwell not upon the past today. ²Keep a completely open mind, washed of all past ideas and clean of every concept you have made. ³You have forgiven the world today. ⁴You can look upon it now as if you never saw it before. ⁵You do not know yet what it looks like. ⁶You merely wait to have it shown to you. ⁷While you wait, repeat several times, slowly and in complete patience:

⁸The light has come. ⁹I have forgiven the world.

7. Realize that your forgiveness entitles you to vision. ²Understand that the Holy Spirit never fails to give the gift of sight to the forgiving. ³Believe He will not fail you now. ⁴You have forgiven the world. ⁵He will be with you as you watch and wait. ⁶He will show you what true vision sees. ⁷It is His Will, and you have joined with Him. ⁸Wait patiently for Him. ⁹He will be there. ¹⁰The light has come. ¹¹You have forgiven the world.

8. Tell Him you know you cannot fail because you trust in Him. ²And tell yourself you wait in certainty to look upon the world He promised you. ³From this time forth you will see differently. ⁴Today the light has come. ⁵And you will see the world that has been promised you since time began, and in which is the end of time ensured.

9. The shorter practice periods, too, will be joyful reminders of your release. ²Remind yourself every quarter of an hour or so that today is a time for special celebration. ³Give thanks for mercy and the Love of God. ⁴Rejoice in the power of forgiveness to heal your sight completely. ⁵Be confident that on this day there is a new beginning. ⁶Without the darkness of the past upon your eyes, you cannot fail to see today. ⁷And what you see will be so welcome that you will gladly extend today forever.

10. Say, then:

²The light has come. ³I have forgiven the world.

⁴Should you be tempted, say to anyone who seems to pull you back into darkness:

⁵The light has come. ⁶I have forgiven you.

11. We dedicate this day to the serenity in which God would have you be. ²Keep it in your awareness of yourself and see it everywhere today, as we celebrate the beginning of your vision and the sight of the real world, which has come to replace the unforgiven world you thought was real.

(ACIM, W-75.1:1–11:2)

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