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January 29

ARE you ready to change your ideas and change your thinking? Are you prepared to accept something new without reservations? Some souls can be flexible and do it with the greatest of ease, but others have great difficulty, and it causes strain and stress in their lives. Or it causes stagnation which is almost as bad. You must be courageous and move forward into new ways, new and even uncharted waters, without any fear. I AM guiding you into those new and uncharted waters, and I will not let any harm befall you. Accept Me as your constant guide and companion. You have not been asked to move into those uncharted waters without your pilot. I AM your pilot, and I will never let you down. Trust Me completely. If the way is rough, be not afraid; if it is dangerous, be not concerned. I will guide you through it all. But remember to let go and let Me do it, and resist not.

Posted in Eileen Caddy, JANUARY

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