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January 28

WHY not try listening to those inner intangible sounds which can only be heard in absolute stillness when you become in tune with the ways of the Spirit? In that state of perfect peace your whole life changes, and a deep inner tranquillity and serenity are radiated from within. You become one with the whole of life. You feel uplifted, inspired and filled with illumination, for your whole being is filled with My divine light. You understand not with the mind, but with the higher consciousness and with the heart. You are no longer living unto yourself. The self is completely forgotten, and your life is one of giving love and service to your fellow human beings. It is only when you are giving that you find the wonderful inner joy and happiness which nothing and no one can take from you. Joy comes with service, and service comes with dedication. Dedicate yourself to Me and to My service now, and feel yourself expand as you do so.

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