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January 30

DO you find real joy in the work you are doing and in the life you are living? Do you find real pride in a job not only well done, but perfectly done? Do you dislike anything that is done shoddily or half-heartedly? Is your heart so much in what you are doing and are you so conscious of the fact that you are doing everything to Me and to My honour and glory that you cannot be satisfied with anything that is not “just so”? It is as it should be. You should never be satisfied with a job done in a halfhearted, begrudging manner. Do all that has to be done with joy and love, and let it include everything you do, from the most mundane job to those vitally important ones. See that your attitude is right in everything you undertake so that the right vibrations are put into it. What is more, you will find yourself enjoying it.

Posted in Eileen Caddy, JANUARY

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