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January 27

DO you realize that what you do, how you live and how you think can help or hinder the state of the world? Cease being drawn into the whirlpool of chaos and confusion, of destruction and devastation, and start right now concentrating on the wonder and beauty of the world around you. Give thanks for everything. Bless all those souls whom you contact. Refuse to see the worst in people, in things or in conditions, and seek always for the very best. It is not being like an ostrich hiding your head in the sand and refusing to face the realities of the world. It is simply looking for and concentrating on the very best in everything and everyone. You are a tiny world within yourself. When there is peace, harmony, love and understanding right there deep within your little world, it will be reflected in the outer world all around you. When you can do it, you are beginning to help the whole vast situation in the world.

Caddy, Eileen. Opening Doors Within: 365 Daily Meditations from Findhorn

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