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January 17

LIFE without prayer is empty and meaningless, for it is that communion with the higher part of you which reveals to you the fullness of this glorious life which is your true heritage. Let your prayers be very positive and constructive, and give thanks for what you are about to receive, even before you pray for it. As you pray, feel a oneness, a unity in all life where there is no separation, for all is one. Prayer unites all; it draws all together and creates perfect oneness. Talk to Me and listen to Me. Never waste time in beseeching Me for this, that and the other, for that is not true prayer. To beseech is to create separateness, and I want you to create oneness at all times. We are one. I AM within you; you do not have to search for Me without. I AM always here waiting for you to recognize Me. Recognize our oneness now; I in you, and you in Me.

Caddy, Eileen. Opening Doors Within: 365 Daily Meditations

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