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January 2

BE not concerned if your beginnings into this spiritual life are small. All good things have small beginnings. The mighty oak starts from a tiny acorn. From a tiny seed the most wonderful plants and flowers spring forth. From a tiny seed of love many lives can be changed. From a tiny thought of faith and belief wonder upon wonder can come about. Little things grow into big things. Be grateful for all the little things in life; then, as they grow, you will be grateful for each and every one, and you will express your gratitude in words and deeds. Let that which is within express itself without. Always remember that a grateful heart is an open heart, and it is much easier for Me to work in and through an open heart. Give thanks and keep on giving thanks for everything, so I can work in and through you all the time and bring about My wonders and glories for all to see.

Caddy, Eileen. Opening Doors Within: 365 Daily Meditations

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