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January 1

LIFT up your heart and enter the new year with the knowledge that a truly wonderful year is there ahead of you. Behold the very best come forth out of everything. I can tell you what a glorious year it will be. But unless you accept what I say with a heart full of gratitude and expect the very best because your faith and trust are in My word, it will not come about. You have to help it come about. You have to hold on to My wonderful promises and believe. It is not a question of believing with your mind. You have to believe with the intuition, with that inner knowing which comes from the highest, from Me. Visualize Me going before you preparing the way, making the seemingly impossible become possible. Only the very, very best, the perfect, is for those souls who truly love Me and put Me first in everything.

Caddy, Eileen. Opening Doors Within: 365 Daily Meditations

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