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Eileen Caddy – Introduction Note

In 1953 Eileen Caddy first began to receive personal guidance from a still, small voice within herself, from a source she calls the God within. The simple teachings she received over the years offer spiritual truth and vision as well as insight into how to live a happier, more meaningful, more fulfilling life. It has been her guidance which has served as the source of inspiration for the creation and development of what has become the Findhorn Foundation Community, the international spiritual eco village and holistic education centre in northern Scotland. This is a book of spiritual values—love, joy, peace, gratitude, unity. You will find these and other themes echoing over and over again throughout the book, for, in the words of Eileen’s guidance, “Very gently and very lovingly I go on and on reminding you of the things that do matter in life until eventually they become a part of you, and live and move and have their being in you.” This perennial diary offers inspirational messages of practical and compelling guidance in simple and direct prose, with specific suggestions for your daily spiritual growth and development. You may wish to read each day’s message upon awakening to provide an overall direction to your day. Or to have your family take turns reading it at the breakfast table. Or to use it as the basis for a daily meditation. And to once again read it at bedtime to help put your day in perspective. However you choose to use them, take these teachings into yourself, and carry them with you day after day, year after year, until “they become a part of you and live and move and have their being in you,” until they have done their silent, gentle, and loving work of “Opening Doors Within.” David Earl Platts, PhD

Caddy, Eileen. Opening Doors Within: 365 Daily Meditations from Findhorn

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